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How to Choose a Mattress for Your Recreational Vehicle (RV)

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Most RV’s come fitted with a bed and as a result, you will likely need to buy a new mattress at some point. However, RV mattresses are quite different from regular mattresses and there are a couple of things you will have to keep in mind. The most important difference between RV beds and regular beds is that they will require lower profile mattresses to fit into the available space. With that said, we will now look at a couple of tips and guidelines that will help you to choose a suitable mattress for your RV.

The first thing we will look at is the sizing of RV mattresses. Since these type of mattresses are made for smaller spaces, the sizes are quite different from regularly sizes mattresses. For example, an RV king sized mattress is actually 5 inches shorter than a typical king sized mattress.

An RV full sized mattress’s dimensions is typically 53W” x 75L” or 55W” x 75L”. An RV Queen sized mattress is 60W” x 80L” whereas an RV Olympic Queen sized mattress is 66W” x 80L”. RV bunk sized mattresses range from 28W” x 75L” to 34W” x 75L”. Once you know the size of your bed, then you can go about finding the correctly sized RV mattress.

If you want to make your recreational vehicle mattress more comfortable, you may choose to add a mattress topper. This will increase the height of your bed by 2 to 4 inches, depending on which size of RV mattress topper you select. There are many sizes and materials to choose from ranging from latex, memory foam and various hybrid mixtures.

Next, you should consider the type of mattress you’d like to get. Your options include foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid or an airbed mattress. The benefits of buying a foam mattress is that it is a cheaper option and they are typically thinner with a lower profile. The downside of these mattresses is that they don’t have a very long lifespan and some people may find them uncomfortable. A latex mattress on the other hand is quite expensive, has a longer life span, is quite comfortable and offers good back support, however, it may be too thick for your RV.

Innerspring mattresses tend to be quite heavy and are prone to rusting. However, they are not as expensive and they come in thin sizes to fit any RV. A hybrid mattress is very comfortable, long lasting, relatively thick but comes in limited availability. Lastly, airbed mattresses are typically expensive but have adjustable thicknesses and are not always the best choice for an RV.

With that said, the size and type of mattress are the most important considerations, but you also need to think about your available budget, the level of mattress firmness you prefer, whether the mattress comes with a warranty etc. So, be sure to consider all of your needs before buying a mattress and you’ll definitely be able to find a suitable one.